Optimised Laboratory Package

Optimised Laboratory Package

The fertility laboratory is one of Gynem’s greatest strengths. Our embryologists and technicians have attained a remarkable efficiency over a long period of working together and possess the know-how to best leverage the tools and techniques available to them. The lab facilities themselves are state-of-the-art and equipped with every resource conducive to getting you pregnant.

Through the Optimised Laboratory Package, our lab team are able to design an individualised treatment strategy for you, blending those techniques best suited to your needs on the basis of fertility history and test results. The result is a plan of action greater than the sum of its parts that can greatly enhance your treatment.

Not only does the Optimised Laboratory Package give you access to a tailored and synergistic lab strategy, it can also help you save money on services that would otherwise cost much more. EmbryoScope®, sperm selection, and laser assisted hatching—already worth €1,000—are all included. And if the lab team include additional services as part of your bespoke treatment plan, the price stays the same.

For this reason we believe the Optimised Laboratory Package represents both an asset and an exceptional value in helping you achieve conception.


  Standard IVF / Egg Donation package

Optimised Laboratory package

STD Testing
Sperm Analysis (Spermiogram)
Prolonged Cultivation
EmbryoScope® / Astec® €500 ✓(Always incl.)

PICSI® / MACS® / IMSI / Fertile Chip®

(sperm selection)

€350 / €350 / €400 / €350 (One selection method incl. Others may be added at lab’s discretion.)
SpermMobil €100 ✓ (Included at lab’s discretion), must be ordered beforehand
Sperm freezing (spermiogram + one year of storage)  €350 ✓ (Included at lab’s discretion, sperm must be of sufficient quality (in a state of ‘normozoospermia’))
Spindle observation system €200 ✓ (Included at lab’s discretion)
Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH) €200 ✓(Always incl.)
EmbryoGlue® €200 ✓ (Incl. at lab’s discretion)
EmbryoGen® + BlastGen™ €300 ✓ (Included at lab’s discretion), must be ordered beforehand